Staying Organised with a Bullet Journal

I will admit that I am a relatively recent convert but now that I have been using my bullet journal for a month, I can’t see me ever using another planner or productivity system to keep on top of my busy life.

You can learn more about the system devised by Ryder Carroll over at which explains how to get started and what the system is all about. For me, it’s a way of keeping all my lists, events and appointments in one place. What I also love about it, though, is that it makes those lists more permanent and it becomes a memory keeping tool too. I am able to be a little bit creative, adding quotations and doodles as well as being on top of my tasks.

When you are studying, it can feel like you have far too much to do and not enough time in the day. I would love to tell you that this feeling will go away when you leave school but I am afraid, as an adult, you will continue to have busy lives. It is really important, therefore, that you find a way that suits you to keep your appointments, commitments and goals on track so that you can be successful, organised and stress-free (or at least, less stressed!).

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